Some Kind of Best o’ 2012…

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Hey kids, look it’s a best of list! A day late and a dollar short but here are some songs from 2012 that were pretty damn good. The studio versions of the songs by Rhett Miller, Dwight Yoakum and the dB’s are far better than these live cellphone videos, but that’s what’s online and they’re still ok. The full records from Eagle Rock Gospel Singers and the Eels both come out in 2013, which is pretty damn exciting. Hope you enjoy.


1.  Bob Dylan, “Duquesne Whistle”


2.  Gillian Welch, “The Way It Goes”


3.  Shovels and Rope, “O’ Be Joyful”


4.  Rhett Miller, “This Summer Lie”


5. Brandi Carlile, “Hard Way Home”


6.  Dwight Yoakum, “Dim Lights, Thick Smoke”


7.  Tallest Man on Earth, “1904”


8.  Eels, “New Alphabet”


9.  The dB’s, “Before We Were Born”


10.  Eagle Rock Gospel Singers, “MMLJ”


11. Father John Misty, “I’m Writing a Novel”


12.  Tracey Thorn, “Joy”


10 Songs from 2011 That Got Me Going

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It’s true, I am not a fan of 10 best lists. In late December, you can’t go on the damn internet without seeing the words ‘Ten Best’ on every page.  That said, I do find myself scrolling through my iTunes library at this time of year, looking at all the music I discovered in 2011.  Some song titles make me smile and say, “Oh shit, I forgot about that song, it’s so great!”

So, in no particular order, with links, here are a handful of songs from 2011 that got me moving, tapping, laughing, crying, whatever, in the last 12 months:

1.  “What Paul Did,” by the Eagle Rock Gospel Singers. Non-ironic country-punk gospel?  Yes please. It goes without saying that the band is amazing live and this recording barely captures their glory. But it gives you the idea:

2. “Well OK Honey,” Jenny O.

Great song from Jenny O’s EP, Home. I discovered it via a YouTube video which is also great, so here it is:

3. “D.D.,” The Weeknd

The Weeknd put out three amazing mixtapes in 2011. I don’t even know what a mixtape is, frankly — they just seem like albums to me. But whatever. All three are great, and free. From the most recent, check out his take on Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana”:

4. “Wicked Games,” The Weeknd

Sorry, Chris Isaac, but this is no longer your title:

5.  “Traitor,” Richard Buckner

Richard Buckner, the complete songwriting and singing genius who still can get no love. I like Bon Iver as much as the next guy, but could we take 10% of the adoration we show to Bon Iver and give it to Buckner instead?

6.  “The Way it Goes,” Gillian Welch

I love the entire album, The Harrow and the Havest, but “The Way it Goes” really jumped out at me. Here’s a live version of it, from Jools Holland:

7.  “Dark Turn of Mind,” Gillian Welch

And this one, also from the Jools Holland show. Holy crap, people! Shivers.

8.  “County Line,” Cass McCombs

Amazing song and a great video to boot, directed by Malcolm Pullinger. I’ve only listened to this guy via his videos, so I should probably buy the CD or whatever.

9. “I Still Believe,”  Frank Turner

Not many people could pull of a non-smirking, heartfelt, anthemic ode to the power of rock and roll in this day and age, but Frank Turner can and does. “I still Believe” is by far my favorite song off his new record, and it’s incredibly fun to drive around to, windows down & volume up. Such an earnest dude, and he pulls it off:

10.  “Down By the Water,” The Decemberists

I kept expecting to get sick of this album for some reason, but never did. Just a bunch of great songs.  I pick “Down by the Water” since they’re channelling so much damn R.E.M. here, the band that finally called it quits this year:

11. “Holocene,” Bon Iver

OK fine, I’ll add Bon Iver as number 11. Great song, album and video. Makes me want to move to Iceland and get a big fuzzy sweater.

Gospel Sunday: The Devil’s Train

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If it’s Sunday, then Meatyard’s surely in a gospel state of mind. Here’s our take on a gospel song for the day, “The Devil’s Train.” Written by Mel Foree and  Cliff Carlisle and originally recorded by Hank Williams Sr.:

The Devil’s Train

Oh listen to that whistle scream

Like echoes from the blue

The throttle’s wide and spouting steam

She’s on her way to doom 

New Video: Better Than Nothing

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Meatyard Industries is excited to launch the third video for a song off Sweet Old Green Life, “Better than Nothing.”  Directed by filmmaker Will Slocombe, “Better than Nothing” is the sad/funny story of two office-bound workers who escape the drudgery of their cubicle-bound lives for a moment of lunchtime connection in a park. Oh, and did we mention they happen to be mannequins?

If you like the video, check out Will’s great web-series, Reception. Season 2 is on the way.

Meatyard Goes Live!

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This past weekend Meatyard managed to overcome its freakishly shy nature and play a live show in LA.  No one died, no one threw up on stage, and no amps blew up, so we’re calling it a success.  The band opened for the amazing Eagle Rock Gospel Singers, coming on right after the also-amazing Last American Buffalo. We completely forgot to take any pix or video, which may be for the best, but here’s a shot from one screaming fan:

The show was at the newly re-opened Last Bookstore in downtown LA —  an amazing bookstore in DTLA and great venue for shows, so check it out.

The Meatyard set list, as well as can be remembered:

1. Toot Toot Boom Boom

2. Afternoon Spin

3. Mt. Olivet

4. Bottom of My Heart

5.  Got a River

6. I Do Not

7.  Blue Skies Ahead

8. Hard Times

9. Angel of Death

Thanks to Jasmine Terán and all of ERGS for inviting us to play and thanks to everyone who came out for the show!

Meatyard Video: Got a River!

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At Meatyard Industries, now that we’ve dipped our toe in music videos we can’t stop. Director  John Gardiner has a just finished a video for a song off of Meatyard’s new album Sweet Old Green Life. The video is for “Got a River,” the closing track of the album. Gardiner shot the video on the Canon 7D, mainly ‘freelensing‘ – shooting with the lens detached from the camera body.  ”It was a really simple one night shoot, with a tiny crew – just John Gardiner and Bing Putney,” said Meatyard singer Josh Welsh. “There was beer, there were a lot of candles, and John was running around like a madman, holding the lens and the camera slightly apart and laughing maniacally.”

Meatyard Video: Hard Times (Come Again No More)

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Acclaimed indie director Abigail Severance has directed a video for Meatyard’s “Hard Times (Come Again No More)” off of Sweet Old Green Life.   Christian Bruno was the Cinematographer and Omar Gonzalez edited the piece.  Meatyard encourages you to watch it in full-screen, of course.

Musicians: Josh Welsh, Molly Hansen, Rupert Sandes
Girl: Isla Welsh
Manimal: Rupert Sandes
Recording Studio: Jungle Room (

Director: Abigail Severance
Cinematographer: Christian Bruno
Set Design: Laurel Frank
Camera Operators: Christian Bruno, Ted Chung
Editor: Omar Gonzalez
Visual Effects: Eric Escobar
Crew: Arpita Kumar, Kate Marks, Evan Pritts
Thanks: Steakhaus Productions, Bonnie Gavel
Willow House: “Catawampus” by Patrick Dougherty